Saturday, October 24, 2015

Why PICISI Is On Twitter || Why is On Twitter

Why PICISI Is On Twitter  ||  Why is On Twitter  

We are on twitter primarily to get new business contacts but also to communicate with our existing business contacts, and lastly to exchange information. is a crowdfunding site and is a blog that produces information targeted at the crowdfunding and/or cryptocurrency audience.

Generally we want to follow: 

-  those who have CF campaigns at PICISI, PICISI sponsors, PICISI advertisers, PICISI endorsers, etc ... 
-  businesses who are involved with crowdfunding and/or cryptocurrency 
-  executives that identify themselves as such 
-  all level media  and 
-  those who actively engaged in doing good 

We often follow those who are recommended by twitter to follow, if the follow isn't reciprocated we likely will disconnect the follow. 

We endeavor to know all of our followers, and we want all of our followers to know us. Positive interactions, engagement, and support are vital to us. 
We believe the relationship should always be moving, and should always be moving in a positive direction..

PICISI at twitter is @PICISIproject 

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