Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Is NOW!

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 “Who are you winning for? Join @EmiForLove to share positivity for breast cancer awareness month!

The Following statement is from the above awareness campaign"
"Hi Friends!!
Thank you for your TERRIFIC support I LOVE you and could not share smiles around the world if not for your support. Each of you hold such a very special place in my heart and I will cherish our friendships as journey together as we spread peace, tolerance & love with mankind, animals & nature we share this special planet with.
Who Are YOU Winning For?
On November 5th 2014 my Grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer. We were all so shocked. Fortunately it was very early when discovered. She had treatments and surgery at age 81 and is now THANKFULLY 100% clear of any trace of breast cancer!!! My healthy grandmother travels the world and has an incredible zest for life. I often wish I had her endless, boundless energy!!!
Prior to that personal experience I said I wanted to help others fight this horrible disease and also extend help to aid the stresses each loved one goes through when they have a family member or friend facing this battle. So my giveaway theme this time is to win and share an equal win with a loved one or an organization that you choose to help with this battle.
TOGETHER friends, we CAN & we WILL win this war!!!
Let’s get more friends to help our global cause of love and tolerance one simile and one small gesture at a time.
GOOD luck to all of you for the fun we will share during ‘Emi’s 2 Weeks 1 Cause Giveaway’ that helps someone receive a surprise smile during a challenging time
I love you ALWAYS,
Emi For You <3

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  1. I support@EmiForLove for her campaign /"2week 1cause" Breast cancer awareness month.. /survivor around the globe..
    Very well said Emi,rest assure for my unconditional Support for you and your promos, coz with these you really helped someone who deserves.