Sunday, October 25, 2015

What Are The Different Relationships A CC Developer or Community Can Have With PICISI?

What Are The Different Relationships A CC Developer or CC Community Can Have With PICISI?  

There are a number of relationships a cryptocurrency (CC) developer or CC Community can have with PICISI, the highest is Sponsor, under that is advertiser, below that is endorser, and at the ground level is CC acceptance.

If you want your CC accepted at PICISI you simply make the request; after your CC is listed you reflect that fact in your forum thread OP and/or your website at the area:'where _______ [the CC] is accepted'.

There is no cost associated with having your CC accepted at 

The first step up the relationship ladder is to Endorser, that relationship is also free.  

When a CC developer or CC community leader publicly endorses the PICISI vision they qualify to be a PICISI endorser.

The public endorsement could be done at a public forum or website, it need not be as glowing an endorsement as the one you see below but it must be clear that an endorsement was made.  Once we have acknowledged the endorsement you will be an endorser.  

This blog post speaks to that: 

Logos for endorsers are currently shown purely as a courtesy. 

When you are ready to have your CC engaged at you want to be an advertiser or sponsor.
As an advertiser you pay for the specific placement of your ad.  As a PICISI advertiser you are sponsoring a specific campaign in a specific way; for example if you want to be the host CC sponsor, a perk sponsor, a campaign text sponsor, or a video sponsor those are all ways you could sponsor a specific crowdfunding campaign as an advertiser, our rates are here:

When you are ready to take the relationship to the highest level that is when you commit to being a PICISI sponsor.  It is more than simply advertising or sponsoring a specific crowdfunding campaign,  at this level you are sponsoring the site (

PICISI sponsors are expected to support the site by buying advertising opportunities, favorably engaging via social media in the form of comments, likes, shares, favorites, etc ... and/or participating in offline events. 

The semi-annual sponsorship fee is $100 for 6 months - benefits include, but are not limited to, occasional mention in articles, interviews, and promotional material like this one; logo on sponsor graphic card; 1 article specifically about sponsor; and depending on cumulative sponsorship value compared to other sponsors on a monthly basis sponsor logo placement on home page or category page. 

To tell us what type of relationship you want with PICISI, contact us at twitter @PICISIproject 

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