Thursday, October 8, 2015

Ok, My Cryptocurrency Is Accepted At, What happens Next ...

Recently a music oriented cryptocurrency asked to have their CC listed as one of the accepted CCs at, s/he also asked what other things can be done (presumably to boost popularity and or demand for the CC), here is much of the response:

Congratulations '... your CC is listed here:

Once publicly acknowledged we will announcement it via social media.

As for other things ... I would recommend that you start a campaign for individual artists, particularly for those who are coming out with or have recently released new art (6 mos before drop to 6 mos after drop).

If an artist has done something significant like create a new instrument, or started a school, or is doing mobile music lessons, or anything else innovative, uniquely artistic, or inventive we would love to see it on the site.

All campaigns featured at the site receive 5 things on request, some home page face time, some consultation, some sponsorship, some publicity, and some funding. The earlier you involve us in the project, even before the campaign starts, the more we could help you.

When any campaign is run at the site it behooves you to want to be the host CC sponsor because that will get your coin in front of the organizers as well as everyone that will want to donate to that campaign. Whenever anyone donates CC to the campaign it will be immediately converted to the host CC and held for the organizer until s/he spends it with a campaign contractor or the end of the campaign.

The second highest demand advertising opportunity is video sponsorship here you have up to 5 seconds to show your logo and give your slogan before the campaign video starts. The video will be kept at the youtube channel for as long as youtube is willing to host it. As such it will have a very long life.

Other reasons are listed here:

Let's say one of your artists wanted to do a campaign, we recommend you blanket the campaign with [your coin] branding, meaning you do host CC (organizer can request it so that you don't have to risk losing the bid), do ample perk advertising, do campaign text advertising, and bid as high as you could to get the video advertising. In this way as you are helping to promote the campaign you are also helping to promote [your coin]. The artist(s) should be promoting, and we will also pitch in with some promotion if you wish. The point is there are many wins in this picture. Costs are ridiculously low because we want advertisers and sponsors to engage many different campaigns to the capacity of each campaign.

Please note, you don't have to be a sponsor in order to advertise, however sponsors get priority over non-sponsors for advertising opportunities.'

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