Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Teaching 'Entrepreneurship 101' At Local Libraries, A Global Initiative, You Interested? [sign up here] wants is spearhead a program that will bring successful entrepreneurs to local libraries to teach an 'Entrepreneurship 101' course 2hrs a week.  The course is free and all instructors are volunteers.

Given that this is a global initiative we are looking for participants all over the world.  The program will start in earnest once 100 instructors are committed to the project.

If you or someone you know is willing to commit 2hrs per wk to this project,  comment to this post with your contact info.

For clarity:  this global initiative to teach 'Entrepreneurship 101' at local libraries, recently graduated from an idea to an idea in action. It is not yet a project. before that could happen we need to see compelling support for the concept. we need a minimum of 100 people who express some form of interest in the endeavor.

Once that is done a leadership will form to work out details and logistics.

Fundamentally what should remain unchanged are:

1) business pros teaching Entrepreneurship at local libraries worldwide
2) free course, volunteer instructors,  2 hrs per week
3) practical mentorship for biz pros to,pave the way for future biz pros.

[update] This blog post is very popular, so far about 1000 people have received info about this idea, approx 200 have 'Favorite" or retweeted it.  However, less then 5 has decided to take the next step -- to publicly say: "yes, I want to be a part of making this happen."

The following people have expressed an interest in this project:
  1. @PICISIproject 
  2. @Rosantus1
  3. ‏@davidledgerwood  'Not sure I could do 2 per wk but happy to offer advice to your efforts.'
  4. @thomashsain   'on the principle, yes! But I need more details'

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