Monday, October 12, 2015

Healthy Sleep = Healthy Life || How BigData Is Changing Sleep Medicine? || Avoid misdiagnosis, frustration or delayed sleep-diagnosis.

Why should you care?
Are you struggling with a sleep problem? It may be a sleep disorder! Many people aren’t aware of the implications of untreated sleep disorders. You may be completely unaware of how your sleep deprivation affects not only yourself, but the people around you as well.
Everyone knows the pain of losing a productive day because of a sleepless night. Yet, statistically, most of us don’t always get enough quality sleep. Some of us struggle to fall asleep, others to stay asleep, and others to make time to actually get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation affects 45% of the world, and this number is growing, with 50­-70 million sufferers in the US alone.
With SleepASAP you can avoid misdiagnosis, miscommunication or delayed diagnosis.

What is our value proposition?

At Sleep ASAP, we have a Big Data driven learning algorithm fueled by crowd sourced data which outlines correlations between specific personality types and specific sleep disorders as well as which treatments work best for these types. Through listening to your personal story and discovering your type, we are able to offer you the best plan of action possible. The more our data base grows, the more accurate our treatment plans are able to be. Doctors are often quick to prescribe a pill, or refer people to one type of treatment. However, we know that your sleep struggles will not be solved that way. Each person requires a personalized treatment plan in order to be most effective, and that is what we hope to do-provide you with a personalized plan to combat your sleep struggles.

Why should you support?

We want to give “sleep strugglers” more access to the treatment options available. If everyone were to find their personalized match of treatment, we could essentially eradicate sleep deprivation. Do you want a world where everyone is well rested and sleep deprivation ceased to exist? Then support Sleep ASAP today!
Yes, You Can Help!
We worked hard to learn and explore crowdsourcing as a research paradigm for creating evidence-based practice research in the field of sleep disorders. We have found  a streamlined way for individuals to find the best personalized therapy based on SleepDNA and now we need your help. You can help by following those two simple steps:
First, RSVP to this event ( By signing, you show your support for this incredibly important campaign that aligns with so much of our daily work.
Second, please share this exciting news with your community, friends, and network.  Ask them to RSVP  and pass it on.
We believe in people powered health care as a fundamental challenge to the health system. Our aim is to work directly with the people and communities to learn, understand and create lasting solutions to the most serious sleeping problems, without the use of narcotics. All together we can redefine a Sleep Medicine as we know today.
We can’t do it alone – we need your help to spread the message. 
Keep an eye out for exciting updates coming soon, and don’t forget to share the word about SleepASAP with your friends!

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