Friday, October 2, 2015

Reply Here If You Want Your Cryptocurrency Accepted At // Where Is Your Cryptocurrency Listed? // Where Is Your Cryptocurrency Accepted?

Here is a list of all of the cryptocurrencies that are presently accepted at

To have your currency listed FREE simply have someone on the development team make the request or anyone can make the request when starting a campaign or funding a campaign.

This list is updated daily.

Here is the list of CCs currently accepted at PICISI the list is ordered according to relationship type, as well as financial and social networking  participation

  1. NXT (NXT) - sponsor
  2. Metal Coin  - endorser
  3. Einsteinium (EMC2) - endorser
  4. HYPER (HYPER) - endorser
  5. Magi Coin (XMG)  - endorser
  6. GSM Coin (GSM)  - endorser
  7. GoldPieces  - endorser
  8. Coin2 (Coin2)  - endorser
  9. Gridcoin - endorser
  10. HTML5 (HTML5)  - endorser
  11. World Aid Coin  - endorser
  12. Triangles (TRI) - endorser
  13. Sativacoin (STV)  - endorse
  14. Hobonickels (HBN)  - endorser
  15. Aricoin (ARI)  - endorser
  16. Energy Coin (ENRG)  - endorser
  17. Artsry Coin  - endorser
  18. AudioCoin (ADC) -  CC accepted
  19. OKCash (OK) -  CC accepted
  20. Bitcoin (BTC) - Industry standard


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