Saturday, October 10, 2015 Crowd SUPPORT Campaign Rose From 516,427 To 911,576 Since Recent Update. Plus A Special Thanks To Key Supporters is asking you to help them reach their supporter goal of 100 supporters,

You may support their effort though your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Linkedin accounts here:

If you don't have any of those accounts you are encouraged to share the campaign with others who may be able to show support on your behalf. 

You can also create a comment to this post.

Campaign organizers also wanted to include the following message to key supporters of the last couple days: 

We owe a debt of gratitude to award winning published author Linda Lee King who from outside of our immediate community reached in to give (not just offer) our campaign some meaningful assistance.  And in so doing motivated us to do the same -- to reach out to others to assist and motivate them. 

We benefited in many ways, firstly we got to see how our participation was helping others to reach their goals, we also saw how we were sharing our own particular message and brand to campaign organizers as well as to those viewing the respective campaigns, over and above that we also had a resource for potential organizers for our crowdfunding site (, and our blog ( to publicize their campaign(s).  

The simple fact is sometimes it only takes a spark to get a fire glowing, Linda Lee King was that spark for us.  With her tactic we believe we attracted 4 immediate supporters, and it also kept us engaged at the site long enough to visit more of the site which resulted in another 2 more supporter.  

With so many outside supporters our in-house community  is motivated to learn more about what CrowdSUPPORT has to offer the PICISI community in the short and long run. 

We also want to thank bestselling author  Olivia Mason-Charles (@omasoncharles) of 'Paper in the Wind, an exploration of #autism and #bullying.

And Cláudio Lagarto, and  @JusStories who are both top contributors to the campaign. 


  1. I am blown away by your compliment, humbled for sure... who are you? Hahaha! I mean, I always wanted to make an impact to help others, thank you for letting me know I helped a stranger, unseen, find inspiration.

    1. To most looking at a crowdsourcing campaign of any kinds, beit crowdfunding, crowdworking, or crowdsupporting looks easy, but once you start it's then that you realize that 'it ain't easy'.

      It takes planning, a strategy, and tactics; our plan was to use our community resources to simply tell everyone to support us and that would be it, but little did we know that because crowdsupporting is so new that practically no one would respond out of the 1000+ followers.

      But when we receive YOUR message of support THAT was when we were given a tactic that could help, and it did -- for that we are grateful.

      You took the fundamentally righteous principal of "do unto others that which you want done unto you" and applied it to crowdsupporting, since it isn't a science it won't provide the same results to everyone all of the time, but the principles are sound and they work.

      Flicking a switch is no big deal, but when someone is in darkness and can't find their way a simple flick of a switch can light the way.

      Thanks again

  2. You're welcome. This is helpful knowing my fundamental beliefs can be detected in tweets and responses. I live everyday like its my last, without bitter tears over the past but only hoping, I made a difference along the way.