Sunday, October 18, 2015

Chain of Conflict Revolutionizing Gaming With Cryptocurrency ... It Pays You To Play

Chain of Conflict Revolutionizing Gaming With Cryptocurrency

Chain of Conflict is a revolution in gaming our developers aren't just adding cryptocurrency to the game they're building the game AROUND cryptocurrency!

Sound exciting? If, you said yes then head on over to Coin2 ( to check out how their on-staff Game Developers are doing just that. Enter Chain of Conflict, a modern first person shooter, designed from the ground up to support Coin2, HYPER, Bitcoin, and any other Crypto Currency that wants to be involved by just being a payment option or having a specialized item in the game.

What makes Chain of Conflict different from other first person shooters? You don't pay it, it pays you. Now you must be asking yourself: "How is this possible?" Well, it's simple really, supply and demand, Everyone will be wanting the custom items, weapons, custom avatar packs, vehicles, maps  and gear. That is what we offer to keep the game income going to pay for new servers, hosting, hired developers, and the player payout. For players to earn their share of the payout, they will need to register with  to create a game wallet, which will then be linked with their Chain of Conflict account. After they will be paid per kill so much C2 based on its current market value.

So how do you prevent cheating?  Now in order to cut down cheating, there will be a system in place designed to overwhelm the players in combat, so much so if they stop focusing they will be brought down. All of this will be remedied with much better Anti-Cheat measurements later in development, at the time of this article.

Please help support Chain of Conflict ( and bring this new era of crypto/gaming together now.

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