Saturday, October 3, 2015

Admins Wanted At Crowdfunding Startup, Work From Home Anywhere In The World At Your Own Pace, Set Your Own Hours, Must Set & Achieve Reasonable Goals.

PICISI (Philanthropic Investment and Charity for Inventions, Startups, and Ideas) is an crowdfunding startup that accepts all significant currency types (fiat and crypto) for campaigns conducted at

PICISI is designed to have an 8 person management team: Executive Director, Deputy Director, Assistant Director, Content Director, Promotion Director, Communications Director, Finance Director, and Compliance Director. Presently we have 2 positions are filled (Executive Director and Assistant Director). Let’s take a brief look at each position and how they relate to the organization.

The Executive Director is the chief executive who is finally responsible to all PICISI stakeholders. His vision for PICISI can be summed up in three words: Promotion, Promotion, Promotion! Promotion is how the PICISI brand will be established, how each sponsor’s message is conveyed, and how each campaign will realize its potential.

The Deputy Director is in charge when the Executive Director is unavailable or when so directed by the Executive Director. Ideally this person would be a great compliment to the Executive Director, he would provide a healthy contrast on issues and opinions. Perhaps more focused on day-to-day micro issues as the Exec Dir focuses on day-to-day macro issues. Someone with a healthy understanding of all of the following: crowdfunding, cryptoccurrency, charity, social networking, and business law may be an ideal fit.  This position is available.

The Assistant Director is responsible for assisting the Executive Director and the Deputy Director, however at times he may also serve other directors as the need arises. Much of his day is filled with social networking assignments.

The Finance Director/ Auditor is responsible for all financial record keeping, filings, reportings, taxes, and licenses; also responsible for site security, internal audits, and member services. It is expected to cost in excess of $1M to secure all of the necessary licenses to operate at targeted locations around the world, He must map and implement a strategic plan to secure the licenses with minimal financial disruption of operations. Will do periodic site security audits to test strengths and uncover weakness. In consultation with the Compliance Director the Finance Director will handle all Customer Service issues to the reasonable satisfaction of all concerned.  This position is available.

The Content Director is responsible for everything visible on the site, the primary focus is campaigns, campaigns are the heart of the site his job is to produce large volumes of high quality campaigns. The secondary focus is securing sponsorships. The following categories are of high interest to us for various reasons:

Technology – technology is the triple crown of crowdfunding, it looks good, solves a problem, and often exceeds goal expectations.
Science Research – direct category affiliation with specific purpose coins, eg: EMC2, GRC, and FLDC.
Gaming and Game Development – direct category affiliation with specific purpose coins, eg: HYPER and GMC coin
Education – direct category affiliation with specific purpose coins, eg: EDU coin
Music – direct category affiliation with a specific purpose coin, eg: Metal coin.
Renewable Energy Projects – direct category affiliation with specific purpose coins, eg:SLR, GRE, and ENRG.

Purpose driven cryptocurrencies such as those presented above should become PICISI sponsors — it just makes sense.

The Content Director position is available.

The Promotion Director is responsible for promoting the site to sponsors, organizers, members, donors, and media to generate business. Responsible for instructing and monitoring the Promotion Contractors and Campaign Contractors. This person is a trainer as well as a hard-sales guy, he is expected to received unassigned sales traffic and have a high close rate. This person must be knowledgeable, personable,and patient, yet know when and how to close a deal. This position is available.

The Communications Director is responsible for the PICISI message, he is the face and voice of PICISI, his top priority is having our site make news all day, everyday somewhere around the world: via press release, article, and/or interview.  This position is available.

The Compliance Director is responsible for enforcement of site policies and procedures, and all things judicial in nature eg: ranking, feedback, and reviews. More importantly he is responsible for work certification — he determines if an assignment was completed satisfactorily. This person must be knowledgeable, reasonable, and resolute.  This position is available.

In the beginning all admins are expected to pitch-in where needed, as the site matures the role of each director will become more defined.  In all cases we all determine the extent at which we work, we set individual goals and work towards those goals.  If the goals are not deemed satisfactory, or not completed to the satisfaction of the Exec Dir the association will be terminated.  Everyone is expected to set high achievable goals then succeed.

If you or someone you know, is interested in being part of PICISI’s management team please contact us.


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