Friday, May 27, 2016

Today In Crowdfunding News: Which states lead Crowdfunding efforts?, "It's all or nothing" - Bridport Museum needs to crowdfund £20k in six weeks, NS wind turbines foes turn to crowdfunding for court battle, 7 on your side examines at ups and downs of Crowdfunding real estate, and more all brought to you by

The American Genius
Which states lead crowdfunding efforts? Texas, duh
Back in February of this year, John Morgan, the Texas State Securities Board Commissioner, predicted that Texas would become a national leader in ...
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Bridport and Lyme Regis News
"It's all or nothing" - Bridport Museum needs to crowdfund £20kin six weeks
Geraghty, managing director of, said: “Crowdfunding is the cutting edge of fund raising. Bridport Museum is running a rewards ...
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NS wind turbine foes turn to crowdfunding for court battle
NORTH SMITHFIELD – In a sign it's digging in for a protracted legal battle, the fledgling activist group opposed to the construction of a skyscraper-tall ...
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7 On Your Side examines at ups, downs of crowdfunding real estate
A change in federal law has made it legal to set up crowdfunding for real estate. That has an Internet investment land rush. But before you jump in, ...
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Crowdfunding for a shower: Quebec City man with MS turns to public for help
Crowdfunding for a shower: Quebec City man with MS turns to public for help ... morning since his story was first published in Le Devoir newspaper.
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Western Investor (subscription)
Crowdfunding fails to gain traction in Canada
While Toronto-based NexusCrowd Inc. has raised an estimated $1.5 million for commercial real estate projects through the first crowdfunding real ...
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​Reg A+ and Equity Crowdfunding: Getting Though the Growing Pains of a New Era in Raising ...
At a capital raise workshop for startup entrepreneurs this week, industry professionals discussed some of the more nuanced growing pains of the early ...
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Idaho Statesman
Crowdfunding kick-starts Garden City game-maker
Crowdfunding kick-starts Garden City game-maker .... Kickstarter remains the largestcrowdfunding platform, though Indiegogo, Gofundme and others ...
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How drought-hit farmers are building a canal via crowdfunding
Horti is a small village located close to Latur in drought-stricken Marathwada region of Maharashtra. The farmers at Horti have been fighting a ...
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Eat Out Magazine
Meatcure to launch 'Impossibly Good' crowdfunding campaign
The good news with the crowdfunding campaign is that you don't have to wear a tool belt or steelies, we'll do that bit for you!” Meatcure's 'Impossibly ...
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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Today In Crowdfunding News: Intrastate Crowdfunding: The often overlooked option, American International Group: Crowdfunding product strategic enough?, The Marshall family uses a unique Crowdfunding campaign, Rhod Gilbert's Crowdfunding experience, and more all brought to you by

Crowdfund Insider
Intrastate Crowdfunding: The Often Overlooked Option
That's obviously great news for the industry, but it's important to remember ... For example, an Illinois company crowdfunding investments solely from ...
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Business Finance News
The Marshall Family Uses a Unique Crowdfunding Campaign
The makers of the upcoming home invasion film The Marshall Family have decided to take a unique route in regards to their crowdfunding campaign ...
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Rhod Gilbert's crowdfunding experience
Gilbert is not directly involved in the crowdfunding drive, but has backed it, saying: 'I could not believe my ears when I heard those crazy dudes Rhys ...
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Bridport Museum to launch crowdfunding campaign
BRIDPORT Museum is Dorset's first museum to use crowdfunding to raise awareness and funds for its redevelopment project. The team is seeking to ...
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Rooster Teeth Fans Again Prove They'll Give A Million Dollars To A Crowdfunding Project
Back in June 2014, Austin-based production company and web series pioneer Rooster Teeth used crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to raise over $2.4 ...
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PR Newswire
Knocki Reaches Crowdfunding Landmark Of $500K In Just One Week
HOUSTON, May 24, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Knocki, a small Wi-Fi-enabled device that transforms walls, tables, doors and other common surfaces into ...
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South Cotswolds Gazette
Yate entrepreneur launches crowdfunding project to market virtual colouring books for kids
... said the products had been expensive to develop so he and Essex-based Sharon are using crowdfunding website Kickstarter to promote the range ...
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BQ Live
Positivitea smashes crowdfunding target
After launching a crowdfunding campaign last month via Crowdcube, a total of 159 investors have now invested in the company, helping Wharton ...
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ABC Online
Autism no barrier for 11-year-old app developer crowdfundingto meet Barack Obama
At just 11 years old, four-time app developer Hamish Finlayson has been invited to meet US president resident Barack Obama. Hamish is autistic and ...
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