Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Today In Philanthropic News: India's Politics Forces Mother Teresa's Charity To Stop Adoption Services in India, Georgetown University Receives $50M, Notre Dame Receives $20M

India's Politics Forces Mother Teresa's Charity To Stop Adoption Services in India

KOLKATA, India (AP) — The Missionaries of Charity, the Roman Catholic order founded by Mother Teresa, has decided to close its adoption services in India after the country amended its rules to make single parents eligible to adopt.
The religious order said that allowing single or divorced parents to adopt goes against its beliefs.
India's Central Adoption Resource Authority reviewed its guidelines in July in an effort to make adoptions more transparent and enable more people to adopt children. It also made it mandatory for all prospective parents to register with the national adoption agency.
Previously, adoption agencies and homes across the country could bend adoption rules or make it harder for certain people to adopt because there was no national monitoring mechanism.
The new government order states that "any prospective adoptive parent, irrespective of his marital status and whether or not he has his own biological son or daughter, can adopt a child."

[for more of the story go here: https://philanthropy.com/article/Mother-Teresas-Charity-Halts/233733?cid=pt&utm_source=pt&utm_medium=en&elq=1f429f03ab8349bfae46202170298c35&elqCampaignId=1596&elqaid=6544&elqat=1&elqTrackId=ecf8e2807ba548928083b79e9bfc0781]


Notre Dame Alumni Give $20 Million for Investment Institute

A New York City couple has donated $20 million to endow a center for investment and managing at the University of Notre Dame's Mendoza College of Business, the South Bend Tribune reports. James Parsons, a financier, and physician Carrie Quinn both graduated from the South Bend, Ind., campus in 1996.
The Notre Dame Institute for Global Investing aims to advance research on investment management, expand opportunities for business students, and facilitate partnerships among the Mendoza school, the Notre Dame investment office, and university alumni. Mr. Parsons is the founder of Junto Capital Management and Dr. Quinn is a private-practice pediatrician and a clinical professor at Mount Sinai Hospital.

[for more of the story go here:  https://philanthropy.com/article/Notre-Dame-Alumni-Give-20/233735?cid=pt&utm_source=pt&utm_medium=en&elq=1f429f03ab8349bfae46202170298c35&elqCampaignId=1596&elqaid=6544&elqat=1&elqTrackId=736d260b33ad4e1f86037d2a23c2ad6d ]


Georgetown University

Peter Cooper, founder of Cooper and Company, a real-estate and private-equity investment firm, and his wife, Susan, gave $50 million to establish an academically based program that develops leadership skills for students involved in the university’s Division I sports. The program will be named for the donors.
A portion of the gift will also help complete work on a sports field.
All of the Coopers’ five children are Georgetown alumni.


Today In Crowdfunding News: Crowdfunding The Unseating Of A Politician, Crowdfunding For Christians, Crowdfunding The Stars

Crowdfunding The Unseating Of A Politician

A crowdfunding campaign for the bid to unseat democratically elected MP for Orkney and Shetland, Alistair Carmichael has passed the £100,000 mark. Four residents in Carmichael’s constituency started the initiative to pay for legal action against Scotland’s only Liberal Democrat MP after he admitted leaking then lying about a false memo aimed at damaging First Minister of Scotland

[See the full story here: https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/news/aberdeen/719077/crowdfunding-bid-unseat-mp-passes-100000/?piano_t=1]


Crowdfunding for Christians

"As Christians, we realize that no amount of money will give the world what it really need, which is hope. You can raise all the money in the world and still not make an eternal difference in someone's life," co-founder Jacob Wells says. "We want to develop a site that Christians can use to come together, support other believers in their endeavors, and bring hope to the world. We believe that when we are living the life God wants us to, we will be able to share His hope with others. 

[See the full story here: http://www.christiannewswire.com/news/6359176852.html]


Crowdfunding For The Stars

Cloud Imperium CEO Chris Roberts speaks to Develop about the colossal expectations of one of the most expensive, technically challenging and ambitious games ever

At the time of writing, Cloud Imperium’s crowdfunding juggernaut Star Citizen has raised $89.2m from nearly one million backers. It’ll likely make an extra million or two by the time this reaches you.

But after raising such vast sums and becoming the poster child for crowdfunding, this, combined with a few years of development and no full release in sight, has seen the game attract strong criticism. Some have even gone as far to call the whole project a con, and even threaten legal action over promises made.
[See the full story here: ]


Today In Crowdfunding News: Crowdfunding For Sir Terry Pratchett Statue, Crowdfunding For Syrian Refugees, and Crowdfunding For Shrimp Farm.

Crowdfunding For Sir Terry Pratchett Statue

A CROWDFUNDING campaign is to be launched to get a commemorative statue in Salisbury in honour of best-selling fantasy author Sir Terry Pratchett.

“We have just over 2,300 supporters on our petition now, which is just amazing,” she said. “I’ve also been in contact with artist Paul Kidby, who has expressed an interest in being commissioned to create the artwork, but that would depend on us raising enough money for the statue’s creation. Hopefully we will be launching a crowdfunding campaign soon to start raising funds to continue forward.”

[full story here: http://www.salisburyjournal.co.uk/news/13839102.Crowdfunding_campaign_to_be_launched_to_get_commemorative_statue_to_Sir_Terry_Pratchett/]

Crowdfunding For Syrian Refugees
"This isn’t a typical Kickstarter project. There’s no all-or-nothing funding goal. The rewards are all about giving, not getting. And we’ll be donating 100% of our usual fee to support these aid efforts. Most days, this site is a home for people working together to create new things, but this campaign is about something else: working together to bring the most basic of necessities to people who need them dearly. Even a little support can give a family dry clothes, fresh water, or a place to sleep—those 'small' things that become everything as soon as you’ve lost them. We'd love your help," Kickstarter said.
The proceeds will go to the refugee agency of the United Nations on behalf of Syrian refugees—3 million of which are in camps in the neighboring countries of Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey. Europe is also seeing a huge influx of Syrian refugees, too.

[full story here:http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2015/10/kickstarter-just-launched-its-most-useful-crowdfunding-project-so-far/


Crowdfunding For Shrimp Farm

 ... "Crowdsourcing is a very inexpensive and efficient way to get these projects in front of credible, viable [investors]. In the typical world you would go to an investment bank, and you're pretty much limited to their contacts and relationships," Blankenbaker said.
The availability of more crowdfunding platforms aimed at large projects has grown in the last couple of years, and may become a more popular way to find funding, with a high likelihood that aquaculture project funding will go in the same direction, according to Blankenbaker.
According to Andrew Kaelin of AIS, the crowdsourcing efforts, launched in August, have not yet resulted in any funding, but he is still hopeful that by the end of the year it will attract attention.
"[Crowdfunding] is new, and that's one reason why it's going to take longer to get traction with it," Kaelin said. "I think that financially it's an excellent project, it's definitely got the right framework, so yes, I am hopeful." ... 
[full story here: http://www.undercurrentnews.com/2015/10/08/ais-aqua-crowdsourcing-shrimp-project/


Smart Crowdfunding Platform Fishing For Billions In Startup Capital With Luxury Cruise Ship


Go on a cruise, Catapooolt plans to rope in investors for start-ups
Source http://www.dnaindia.com/money/report-go-on-a-cruise-catapooolt-plans-to-rope-in-investors-for-start-ups-2133199

Here's an alternate crowdfunding platform that targets millionaires for generous investments for start-ups

Going beyond social media as a platform to raise money for start-ups, Mumbai-based crowd-funding entity Catapooolt is going places, on a cruise actually.

Eager to get respectable contributions from the hoards of IT professionals, who have turned millionaires thanks to generous stock options and handsome salaries, Catapooolt is going for a series of offline events for the first time, in association with industry body Nasscomto get projects crowdfunded.

The first event will take place today in Kolkata, where a handful of start-ups would present their pitch to a crowd of about 100 invited to a cruise on river Ganga. Catapooolt has planned similar events for Delhi on November 21, followed by Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Kochi as part of Nasscom's 10,000 start-ups project.

"For Delhi, we have selected Social, which is a cafe doubling up as an alternative workplace, while in Mumbai, we plan to go for a cruise again on a vessel, depending upon the availability," Satish Kataria, managing director of Catapooolt told dna.

The idea is to bring in serious money from wealthy professionals, many of whom might prefer putting a few lakhs in a crowd-funded venture that is out to bring in some positive change to the society rather than splurging on an expensive watch or an eye wear, explained Kataria.

Crowdfunding within the country, after all, hasn't seen any serious activity till now with the pitching process mostly being restricted to reaching out to Facebook friends.

Operational since 2013, Catapooolt has so far been able to raise just about a crore of rupees from about 6,000 people for as many as 40 start-ups.

There are only a few exclusive crowd-funding entities in the country – Ketto, which mostly funds social projects, and Wishberry, where creative ideas get support apart from other smaller entities.

The big push would now come from the innovative pitching platforms that are being planned, feels Kataria.

The invite for the Kolkata session comes with an entry-fee, a part of which could be redeemed to fund a project, said Mustafa Dawood, its chief marketing officer.

Crow-funding is yet to take off in India. It may continue to remain bit-sized for some time to come, mainly due to regulatory hurdles.

According to present norms, such type of funding can't come as equity investments.

Market regulator securities and exchange board of India had issued a discussion paper on crowdfunding in June last year. Since then, nothing much has happened, severely restricting attractiveness of crowdfunding as a serious investment opportunity.

"Till such time comes when regulations are clear, crowdfunding would remain a sort of philanthropic initiative where returns to funders are in the form of acknowledgement in the end-credits in case of a funded movie or the thrill of being among the chosen few who get to use first the devise from CarIQ, a connected car platform, as a reward for funding the project," said Robin Gupta, associate director.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Healthy Sleep = Healthy Life || How BigData Is Changing Sleep Medicine? || Avoid misdiagnosis, frustration or delayed sleep-diagnosis.

Why should you care?
Are you struggling with a sleep problem? It may be a sleep disorder! Many people aren’t aware of the implications of untreated sleep disorders. You may be completely unaware of how your sleep deprivation affects not only yourself, but the people around you as well.
Everyone knows the pain of losing a productive day because of a sleepless night. Yet, statistically, most of us don’t always get enough quality sleep. Some of us struggle to fall asleep, others to stay asleep, and others to make time to actually get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation affects 45% of the world, and this number is growing, with 50­-70 million sufferers in the US alone.
With SleepASAP you can avoid misdiagnosis, miscommunication or delayed diagnosis.

What is our value proposition?

At Sleep ASAP, we have a Big Data driven learning algorithm fueled by crowd sourced data which outlines correlations between specific personality types and specific sleep disorders as well as which treatments work best for these types. Through listening to your personal story and discovering your type, we are able to offer you the best plan of action possible. The more our data base grows, the more accurate our treatment plans are able to be. Doctors are often quick to prescribe a pill, or refer people to one type of treatment. However, we know that your sleep struggles will not be solved that way. Each person requires a personalized treatment plan in order to be most effective, and that is what we hope to do-provide you with a personalized plan to combat your sleep struggles.

Why should you support?

We want to give “sleep strugglers” more access to the treatment options available. If everyone were to find their personalized match of treatment, we could essentially eradicate sleep deprivation. Do you want a world where everyone is well rested and sleep deprivation ceased to exist? Then support Sleep ASAP today!
Yes, You Can Help!
We worked hard to learn and explore crowdsourcing as a research paradigm for creating evidence-based practice research in the field of sleep disorders. We have found  a streamlined way for individuals to find the best personalized therapy based on SleepDNA and now we need your help. You can help by following those two simple steps:
First, RSVP to this event (https://www.facebook.com/events/1448655458796455/) By signing, you show your support for this incredibly important campaign that aligns with so much of our daily work.
Second, please share this exciting news with your community, friends, and network.  Ask them to RSVP  and pass it on.
We believe in people powered health care as a fundamental challenge to the health system. Our aim is to work directly with the people and communities to learn, understand and create lasting solutions to the most serious sleeping problems, without the use of narcotics. All together we can redefine a Sleep Medicine as we know today.
We can’t do it alone – we need your help to spread the message. 
Keep an eye out for exciting updates coming soon, and don’t forget to share the word about SleepASAP with your friends!