Friday, September 25, 2015

Questions A Writer Asked A Admin That Never Got Published || #PICISI

1)  What initially attracted you to Bitcoin?  

I don't remember what the initial attraction was, but my guess is early research dismissed it.  Once the industry is cleaned up it will be an enormous opportunity for very many people.

2)  Why is PICISI important?

Utility is the greatest value determinate for any currency (fiat and/or CC), the more a currency is used as a currency the stronger it will be,  PICISI allows CC communities to present their respective CC messages in many different ways:
a) advertise the logo on the site, in specific campaign text, in campaign video, and many other ways,
this allows them to brand their message,
b) offer actual CCs as a perk in a campaign. this allows them to place their 'product' in the hands of people interested in having the CC.
c) there are two ways a CC could be used at the site: to donate to a campaign,  and to pay a  campaign contractor for services rendered.

3)  What real life problems with existing crowdfunding platforms is PICISI wanting to solve?

we see this more in terms of ‘good, better, best’ practices, at
  • we accept multiple currency types (fiat, and CC),
  • 100% of campaigns will receive: some homepage face time, some consultation, some sponsorship, some publicity, and some funding,
  • all members will be verified,
  • all campaigns must be reviewed by admin before inclusion,
  • we will work with other crowdfunding sites at times,
  • we associate with self-employed people globally as Promotion Contractors to help promote PICISI,
  • we have our own currency,
  • we provide free escrow service for campaign contractors deals,
  • we permit campaign contractors to work for campaign owners to create, develop, and promote campaigns, with 3 way feedback (escrow, contractor, and owner)

4)  In what ways are you similar or different from other crowdfunding sites? (not including cryptocurrency or everyone walks away with something) looking to understand your methods in the back end.

Sponsorship is a major difference, our sponsors and advertisers support specific campaigns many of them will work to promote various campaigns in addition to providing the campaign with funding because they believe in the project and realize that campaign success is very good for their CC brand.

Our pricing is very competitive, for fiat our fee is lower than Kickstarter and Indiegogo.  All sponsor fees come with an unconditional money back guarantee.

For all those who buy Pi (the PICISI issued currency) from us we will provide a non-transferable buyback guarantee at the purchase price.

When we collect fees in fiat we will use those funds to buy Pi at public exchanges.  If we have an  exchange sponsor we will buy Pi exclusively at that exchange.

Everyone working for PICISI is paid with Pi, we will do what we can to make Pi very strong.

5)  Other crowdfunding platforms control the types of projects funded, what will PICISI do in this regard?

We want campaigns that can produce goodness, campaigns that potentially could be matched-up with at least 3 sponsors, and campaigns we are willing to write an article about.  Every campaign must have mgmt approval to go up.  

6)  Why did you choose the "promotion, promotion, promotion" motto? Why is it important to the message of PICISI?

PICISI is designed to promote our: site, sponsors, campaigns, and currency, most of that promotion will be done by Promotion Contractors.  Promotion contractors are self-employed individuals or entities worldwide who do PICISI assignments to earn Pi.  The more people know about PICISI the more contractors, sponsors, campaigns, and donors we will have.

As such we will promote PICISI everyday. Our objective is to hire very many people around the world to make sure that everyone in the world knows about PICISI.  

7)  How will you handle so many different CC and fiat currencies?

Stripe/Paypal handles fiat, we handle CC.  Once an organizer selects a host CC sponsor all CC donated to that campaign will be immediately converted to that host CC.   Accumulated funds are delivered to the campaign organizer at the conclusion of the campaign.

8)  Tell us why community is important to you?

Community allows for thoughtful consideration of major issues, they tend to make better decisions which is why larger groups are often sought when making critical decision (jury, supreme court, board of directors, etc …) ,  and community allows for combining of resources for the betterment of the community.

9)  How do you select your sponsors?

It started from those who were closest to us, specifically the pool of sponsors involved with the Havekes project (EMC2, HYPER, and others), from there it grew to those who understand our vision and/or supported our message.   

Now new sponsors are vetted on the basis of knowledge about PICISI, financial capacity, and desire to protect our message.

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