Thursday, September 24, 2015

Attention Freelancers, Self-Employed, Work-At-Home Pros, Become A PICISI Promotion Contractor Promoting A Crowdfunding Site, Site Sponsors, and Campaigns At The Site

PICISI is an idea, a plan, a project, a community, a company, a currency, and a crowdfunding site.  

A PICISI Promotion Contractor (PC) is a self-employed entity that is registered with PICISI to satisfactorily completed PICISI assignments in order to earn Pi.  Each PC proudly stand behind their work with a satisfaction guarantee policy.

PICISI is the technical name given to the currency created by, the currency is referred to as Pi.  PCs earn Pi after satisfactorily completing a PICISI assignment of their choosing.  

Here is the list of PICISI assignments PCs may choose from:   as you will see the assignments are wide ranging, including but not limited to: creative and technical writing, video production, graphic arts, and social media marketing.  Assignments are often updated to forums and twitter before they are placed on the list.  Once the PICISI blog is running that will be the place of introduction for all new listings.

Assignments are either ‘staple’ or ‘reserve’, staple assignments like writing about a campaign, or doing a follow-up video on a successful campaign are always in demand, where as reserve assignments are often very limited like creating the PICISI logo, or creating the PICISI website.  Some reserve assignments are special, like the forum signature campaign, PCs who are tenured members of a specific forums will use specific PICISI code in their signature to convey a message, this is special because although the work is done once they are often able to get paid multiple times (monthly).

The general protocol is for the PC to tell PICISI admins what assignment s/he wants to do so the admins could provide guidance, once PCs are accustomed to PICISI quality standards they are able to do staple assignments without advanced notice; however reserve assignments always need notice.

PCs may also request assignments that are not listed, simply tell admins, if the assignment is accepted it will get listed and broadcast for fair consideration and open bidding.  

The Pi that PCs earn may be traded at the NXT exchange or any other exchange where Pi is listed.   Fiat earned by will be used to buy Pi at exchanges selling Pi, this insures a steady demand for Pi.

Pi’s value will change from time to time, it was introduced with a value equivalent to $1 USD, it is currently listed at substantially above that mark.  If no one buys the currency but the time is ready to buy then will purchase at prevailing rates with the fiat resources available at that time..

To register to be a Promotion Contractor go here:

If you have questions contact at site or on twitter @PICISIproject


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