Sunday, September 27, 2015

Ambitious Crowdfunding Startup Seeks More Administrators

PICISI (Philanthropic Investment and Charity for Inventions, Startups, and Ideas) is an ambitious crowdfunding startup that is designed to accept all significant currency types (fiat and crypto).   This endeavor will likely change how cryptocurrency is viewed by the masses since it will enable people to see and use cryptocurrency in positive ways.  
In January of 2015 the Einsteinium foundation (EMC2), a cryptocurrency (CC) organization, conducted a crowdfunding campaign to benefit a scientist: https://www.indiegog...eep-deprivation, during that campaign organizers tried unsuccessfully to have Indiegogo enable CC to be used as a donation vehicle for the campaign
EMC2 organizers found themselves having to create their own system to enable people who wanted to donate CC to be able to do so.  In addition to donating CC, developers, foundations, and communities were also encouraged to sponsor the campaign in different ways -- see body of campaign for details. 
From that experience the idea of PICISI (pronounced ‘pick-eh-see’) a crowdfunding startup was born -- a rewards and donation based crowdfunding site that accepts multiple currencies and has many sponsorship opportunities.  
PICISI is a big idea that needs a team of committed leaders to move it forward.  The Executive Director needs to assemble an energetic team of professionals, he needs: 
* a Deputy Director –  second in command, is in charge when the Exec Dir is on vacation, incapacitated, or as directed by the Exec Dir.
* a Assistant Director – primary task is to assist the Executive Director and the Deputy Director however at times he may also serve other directors as the need arises. [position filled]
* a Content Director – responsible for all site content, his primary focus is quantity and quality of campaigns, secondly site usability
* a Promotion Director – responsible for promoting the site to sponsors, organizers, donors, and media for more business.
* a Communications Director – responsible for having our site make news somewhere around the world everyday. via press releases, articles, and interviews.
If you have a proven history in the CF industry we would urge you to contact us. 

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