Thursday, September 24, 2015

Free Advertising For Your Business At

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PICISIHere's a way for you to get free advertising for your business, is a crowdfunding site that recently graduated from alpha testing, it is now in beta testing.  

We didn't have many campaigns to test during alpha we want more test campaigns to work on during beta. If you have a business, you can use our site to advertise your business while at the same time allow us to test our site and process. Here is how it will work:

1) think of a clever campaign about your product or service,
2) create the test campaign listing, please place the word "TEST" in the heading, and "test campaign" at the beginning of the description.
3) complete the listing with or without funding info.  If you include funding info we will be able to make test payments to your campaign,  If you don't include funding info we will not be able to make test payments to your campaign.   Campaigns with payments always get more attention from site visitors than those without.

1 in 10 test campaigns will be rejected, if your campaign is rejected please don't be offended it is part of our test, simply contact us about it and we approve it.  We will consult with each campaign organizer to help them fashion a more appealing campaign.  We will also provide some publicity to all campaigns, the better your campaign is the more we will promote it.  You are also permitted to list multiple campaigns if each is materially different than the rest.

As you can see this is a good way to promote your business.  Here is a link to share with your  friends:

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