Sunday, October 4, 2015

Two Questions Asked Of About Sponsorship: What can you do for Goldcoin ? and what does it cost ? is very active in social media forums, recently at CryptoCoinTalk we said:

Utility Is One Of The Most Important Factors In Determining A Cryptocurrency's Value & Strength
at a Goldcoin thread, then asked them to consider requesting to have their coin accepted at
The thread OP responded: "... What can you do for Goldcoin ?   and what does it cost ? ..."

Here was our response: "Thanks for responding to my post,  PICISI is a crowdfunding site, 95% of it's business will likely be derived from fiat transactions, this concept has been proven to the tune of $30B since 2008.

Athough less than 10% of our business is expected to be generated via CC, our platform will give the CC industry an opportunity to reintroduce itself to the wider world.

Currently CC is primarily sold back and forth (as a commodity) instead of used as a currency to buy or sell other things, the strongest TRUE value of a currency is in abundant usage as a currency not as a commodity. PICISI provides a platform to allow Goldcoin and any other CC to:

1)  introduce your currency to many people not likely associated with the CC world,
2)  allow your CC to be used as a CC.  When you are a host CC sponsor all CC (not fiat) donated to that campaign will be converted to your CC for the duration of the campaign unless the organizer wants to use it to buy campaign contractor service, at which point your currency is used as a currency yet again.
3)  support crowdfunding campaigns you feel a connection with
4)  brand your message or logo onto campaigns you believe will get your message out.

There is no cost to tell us to accept the currency at the site. That is done on request of dev team member or someone creating, or donating to, a PICISI campaign.
There is no cost to endorse PICISI if you like the idea.  The more who like it the more will want to learn about it.  Currently 23 entities have endorsed PICISI.
The cost of advertising is EXTREMELY low because we want very many participants.

Above all, PICISI is a safe place to sponsor/advertise because we guarantee your satisfaction 100%.  
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