Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Today In Crowdfunding News: Crowdfunding For Sir Terry Pratchett Statue, Crowdfunding For Syrian Refugees, and Crowdfunding For Shrimp Farm.

Crowdfunding For Sir Terry Pratchett Statue

A CROWDFUNDING campaign is to be launched to get a commemorative statue in Salisbury in honour of best-selling fantasy author Sir Terry Pratchett.

“We have just over 2,300 supporters on our petition now, which is just amazing,” she said. “I’ve also been in contact with artist Paul Kidby, who has expressed an interest in being commissioned to create the artwork, but that would depend on us raising enough money for the statue’s creation. Hopefully we will be launching a crowdfunding campaign soon to start raising funds to continue forward.”

[full story here: http://www.salisburyjournal.co.uk/news/13839102.Crowdfunding_campaign_to_be_launched_to_get_commemorative_statue_to_Sir_Terry_Pratchett/]

Crowdfunding For Syrian Refugees
"This isn’t a typical Kickstarter project. There’s no all-or-nothing funding goal. The rewards are all about giving, not getting. And we’ll be donating 100% of our usual fee to support these aid efforts. Most days, this site is a home for people working together to create new things, but this campaign is about something else: working together to bring the most basic of necessities to people who need them dearly. Even a little support can give a family dry clothes, fresh water, or a place to sleep—those 'small' things that become everything as soon as you’ve lost them. We'd love your help," Kickstarter said.
The proceeds will go to the refugee agency of the United Nations on behalf of Syrian refugees—3 million of which are in camps in the neighboring countries of Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey. Europe is also seeing a huge influx of Syrian refugees, too.

[full story here:http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2015/10/kickstarter-just-launched-its-most-useful-crowdfunding-project-so-far/


Crowdfunding For Shrimp Farm

 ... "Crowdsourcing is a very inexpensive and efficient way to get these projects in front of credible, viable [investors]. In the typical world you would go to an investment bank, and you're pretty much limited to their contacts and relationships," Blankenbaker said.
The availability of more crowdfunding platforms aimed at large projects has grown in the last couple of years, and may become a more popular way to find funding, with a high likelihood that aquaculture project funding will go in the same direction, according to Blankenbaker.
According to Andrew Kaelin of AIS, the crowdsourcing efforts, launched in August, have not yet resulted in any funding, but he is still hopeful that by the end of the year it will attract attention.
"[Crowdfunding] is new, and that's one reason why it's going to take longer to get traction with it," Kaelin said. "I think that financially it's an excellent project, it's definitely got the right framework, so yes, I am hopeful." ... 
[full story here: http://www.undercurrentnews.com/2015/10/08/ais-aqua-crowdsourcing-shrimp-project/


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