Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Today In Crowdfunding News: Crowdfunding Formula 1 Entry, Crowdfunding Crowdfunding Down Under, Crowdfunding Firewood For The Poor, all brought to you by PICISI.com

American Formula 1 Driver Raises Millions from Crowdfunding

The only American in Formula 1 racing has turned to his friends and family for funding to compete. Twenty-four year old Alexander Rossi discussed his early years with FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

“From quite a young age, I started go karts at 10, and at the age of 15 and investment fund was set up by my family for potential investors [who] could buy a unit, if you will, and a piece of my future.”

Rossi is competing in the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix in Austin, Texas this weekend.

“Everyone [has] come… I’m the only American. I’m the first once since 07’. Lewis Hamilton obviously is the championship leader, he could win the championship this weekend... For me to race at home is an amazing thing.”

He also discussed sponsorship.

“It’s a constant battle, I think. You’re always trying to raise funding.” He added: “this is my third Grand Prix race. I started in Singapore… four weeks ago... I was racing another championship -- so I’m only just now in Formula 1 for… not even a month.”

Rossi said if he wins, his investments, which sit between $3 million to $4 million, could grow 200%.

 [full story here: http://www.foxbusiness.com/industries/2015/10/19/american-formula-1-driver-raises-millions-from-crowdfunding/]


Crowdfunding Crowdfunding 

MULTI-AWARD winning digital marketing company The Creative Collective has become the first agency in Australia to partner with global crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.
The Creative Collective also partners with Ready FundGo: a newer crowdfunding platform that is dedicated to Australian projects.
"Becoming partners of each of these influential crowdfunding platforms means if we are mobilising a global crowdfunding campaign, we'll be recommending and using Indiegogo, whereas if the client is targeting an Australian audience, we'd be recommending ReadyFundGo," The Creative Collective founder Yvette Adams said.
"We have, however, worked on Kickstarter and have enough online nous to work on any platform if there is a real need." ... 


Crowdfunding Firewood For The Poor

Activists in Russia are collecting money to buy firewood to heat the homes of impoverished villagers who may otherwise struggle to get though the upcoming winter — a plight that has brought criticism of the government from anti-corruption figures.
An online campaign titled “Give a gift of firewood” had collected slightly more than 224,000 rubles ($3,625) by Monday morning, out of the 588,000 rubles activists seek to heat 116 homes in the western Tver and Smolensk regions.

“Hundreds of rural residents are living in poverty, while the meager pensions or subsidies are not even enough to heat a home in winter,” the campaign said on its website, adding that buying firewood and having it delivered can set a household back 5,000-6,000 rubles.

The campaign received coverage from Russia's leading television network, state-run Channel One, which aired a report about the crowdfunding efforts last week, and added via Twitter: “Everyone can help lonely old people.” ...

[read full story here: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/news/article/firewood/539740.html]


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