Thursday, October 22, 2015 Exceeds Million Person Goal For SocialSUPPORT Campaign [update Exceeds Million Person Goal For SocialSUPPORT Campaign's goals are to have 100 people support their campaign, and to have their campaign message be sent to over ONE MILLION people.

Well it seems they have reached their second goal half way into the campaign, now it's only for them to reach their first goal.  The must reach the first goal in order for their message to be sent to the million+ people.

CrowdSUPPORT is a new phenomenon that is impacting social media on the internet.  Learn more about at our previous post here:

You could support the campaign at:

crowdSUPPORT campaign now at 65% complete
for supporters; still have 35% more to go this is grueling.

This is far harder than expected, with over 800 Twitter "followers" we thought it would be a breeze to get 100 supporters for this campaign.  Well to our surprise and major disappointment our conversion rate for twitter followers is 1 of every 40 followers.  If you ever tried to send out mass messages via twitter you know its a tough job.

The overwhelming majority of our support is coming from other crowdsupport campaigns.  Believe it or not, even there the support hard won.

We asked for support in many different ways, but the most effective way was to request mutual support first and wait for a positive response.  As the campaign ages the replies come in, they all realize how difficult the job is unless you just want to take the very easy route and buy the support.

For us this is a major exercise that is enabling us to have a closer relationship with our followers, we are reaching out, we are connecting, we are learning more about them and they are learning more about it.   This is very, very good for business and we feel it is a must do for all startups.  Get to know who your supporters are, and at what levels they are willing to support you.

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