Monday, April 25, 2016

Today In Crowdfunding News: Crowdfunding helps kickstart dreams for some Singapore athletes, Equity Crowdfunding a real option, Crowdfunding campaign to restore protrait of Thomas Hobson, Help for Harry thanks to crowdfunding campaign, and more all brought to you by

Channel News Asia
Crowdfunding helps kickstart dreams for some Singapore athletes
Crowdfunding has provided a lifeline for some athletes, who still find it tough getting financial support, despite growing government funding for sports ...
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The Star Online
Equity crowdfunding a real option
The Small and Medium Enterprises Association of Malaysia is urging small businesses to consider equity crowdfunding platform as a way to raise ...
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Cambridge News
Crowdfunding campaign to restore portrait of Thomas Hobson – Cambridge's most famous 'townie'
A community bid to restore a portrait of a legendary figure in Cambridge's history is edging towards its £10,000 fundraising target. Anthony Hopkinson ...
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ITV News
Help for Harry thanks to crowdfunding campaign
A 6 year old boy from Cambridgeshire is to receive life changing treatment for symptoms brought on by his cerebral palsy, thanks to a crowdfunding ...
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Good News Network
Abused Kenyan Girls To Live in Castle Thanks ToCrowdfunding By One Mom
Many little girls dream of being princesses. These kids, who have suffered so much, are destined to be living as queens in a castle thanks to the ...
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Make your own hand-controlled robot with a crowdfunded kit
If you've ever wanted to craft a robot that you can control with your hands, you now have a chance of making it a reality: Ziro has started a ...
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Panic Room Crowdfunding New Live DVD
On Friday Panic Room Crowdfunding New Live DVD was a top rock story. Here is the recap: (Prog) Panic Room have launched a PledgeMusic ...
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