Saturday, April 16, 2016

Today In Crowdfunding News: Astronomer turns to Crowdfunding to resolve space mystery, 'Consortium: The Tower' reaches crowdfunding goal, Cheshire firm Haughton Honey targets growth with £80k Crowdfunding bid, HK$3 million Crowdfunding campaign for June 4 memorial museum, and more all brought to you by

ABC Online
Wow! signal: Astronomer turns to crowdfunding to resolve space mystery
An American astronomy professor has turned to crowdfunding to further his research into what happened to the elusive Wow! signal.
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Daily News & Analysis
'Consortium: The Tower' reaches crowdfunding goal with Fig
The success of ambitious, independent title Consortium: The Tower suggests that video game crowdfunding platform Fig may be gaining momentum.
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Cheshire firm Haughton Honey targets growth with £80kcrowdfunding bid
Through the five-figure campaign, set up on crowdfunding platform Crowdcube, the honey brand hopes to attract the investment needed to recruit ...
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South China Morning Post
HK$3 million crowdfunding campaign for June 4 memorial museum
A pro-democracy group has launched a crowdfunding campaign to relocate theJune 4 memorial museum. The campaign, by The Hong Kong Alliance ...
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Women turn to crowdfunding sites for maternity costs
There's a growing trend of expecting mothers needing help with maternity leave. These are moms who don't get paid time off from their jobs to have a ...
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Crowd Funding to Offer New Professional Standards
As many of us realize, the government in general and the U.S. Congress specifically are slow to take action. And even once action is taken, refinement ...
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Retail Jeweller
Pandora supports Danish Church crowdfunding campaign
Pandora has pledged its support to a crowdfunding campaign that aims to support the Danish Church in the refurbishment of a London church ...
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