Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Today In Crowdfunding News: Crowdfunding campaign to make Jewish music digital, Restaurant chain SteakOut gunning fo £400k in new Crowdfunding campaign, iSmart Digital Corporation 'iHotDisc' holds its Crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, Crowdfunding for Costa Rica satellite mission going well, and more all brought to you by PICISI.com

Arutz Sheva
Crowdfunding campaign to make Jewish music digital
To fund the massive digital undertaking, the museum is sponsoring a crowdfundingcampaign — check it out here — that it hopes will raise $25,000 to ...
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Restaurant chain SteakOut gunning for £400k in newcrowdfunding campaign
London restaurant chain, SteakOut, has launched a new £400k crowdfundingcampaign on Crowdcube as it angles at further expansion. The steak ...
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PR Newswire (press release)
iSmart Digital Corporation's 'iHotDisc' Holds Its CrowdfundingCampaign on Indiegogo
No wonder the crowdfunding campaign is leaving no stone upturned in ensuring everyone gets a grip of this wonder in the electronic world. A call for ...
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The Costa Rica Star
Crowdfunding for Costa Rica Satellite Mission Going Well
According to a news report published in March by international news agency EFE, the Central American Aeronautics and Space Association, or ACAE, ...
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Indonesia turns to crowdfunding to pay for Haryanto's seat
At this early stage of his debut season, just three races in, the government are seeking to turn to public crowd funding to help give their driver a good ...
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Liverpool Echo
Filmmakers launch crowdfunding appeal for Liverpool coming of age movie starring Stephen Graham
Filmmakers behind a coming of age film, set in Liverpool and starring Stephen Graham, have launched a crowdfunding appeal to allow them to finish ...
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Nova News Now
Apple Blossom Festival still looking for crowd-funding support
The crowd-funding effort is looking to replace lost sponsorship revenue but, regardless of how much is raised, it won't impact the upcoming 84th ...
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University of Michigan museum seeks crowdfunding for mammoth remains exhibit
Crowdfunding efforts are underway to exhibit the remains of the mammoth found by Jim Bristle in October. The museum now plans to draw on the ...
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PR Newswire (press release)
New Crowdfunding Techniques in Film Funding
Sheetz's current IndieGogo crowdfunding campaign, "Do Penguins Meditate," breaks new ground with tax deductible donor perks from visionary ...
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Daily Mail
Barefoot Bandit sets up crowdfunding page to help cryocgenically freeze his mother
Harris-Moore told the newspaper that his mother's doctors said they cannot do anything further to stop the cancer from eating her lungs. He thinks her ...
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