Sunday, November 1, 2015 CrowdSUPPORT Campaign At HEADTALKER Now Trending || Crowdfunding Site Earns Spot On Home Page Earns Runner-Up Spot On Home Page of

We received notification of trending at the #7 position, by the time we shared the news with associates we were at  #3, presently we are at #2.  We are pleased that people are learning about our new crowdfunding site (

Please support our campaign here:

What is CrowdSUPPORTING?   

CrowdSUPPORTING is 'mass social outreach with a specific message'. 

For example: xyz corp has 500 twitter followers and an outreach goal of 1M people in 30 days, how can they reach that goal using their twitter resource?  The answer is with crowdsupport.  

Using a site like HeadTalker and Thunderclap xyz corp reaches out to all of their followers to ask each to broadcast a single message at a specific time, logistics handled by the site.  That is how only 500 followers could potentially reach 1M on a particular day with a single message. 

[Video Explainer by: Project: Tiny House + An Andrea Burns Project]

Is CrowdSUPPORTING another type of Crowdsourcing?  How Is CrowdSUPPORTING Different From Crowdfunding?   

Yes, crowdsupporting is another type of crowdsourcing, anything done in a big way that involves a massive crowd acting with a singular focus is a type of crowdsourcing. 

However, Crowdsupporting is NOT crowdfunding, there is no money involved with crowdsupporting. is conducting a "CrowdSUPPORT" campaign at 

We believe the force of crowdSUPPORTING is greater than the sum of its individual message parts because it's a strategically organize, focused, and concerted effort. This is why we have chosen to organize such a campaign.  

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