Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Today's Crowdfunding News

Crowdfunding News Today: [brought to you by PICISI]


Private banks should watch crowdfunding space: report
Singapore - PRIVATE banks may be missing the threat posed by the crowdfundingmarket, which is expected to be worth US$1 trillion (S$1.4 trillion) ...
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SEC allows public crowdfunding for startups
WASHINGTON — A new form of crowdfunding is coming soon that will allow startups to raise money by selling stock to Main Street investors.
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PR Newswire (press release)

Government of Gujarat Introduces India's First CivicCrowdfunding Platform
Fund for Unity, India's first civic crowdfunding platform that facilitates public funding and participation in community development projects, was opened ...
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Crowdfund Insider

FundPaaS Unveils "Wisdom", An Equity And DebtCrowdfunding Product For Funding Portals And ...
said Craig Delinger, CEO of Crowdfund CPA and FundPaaS partner. ... become the de facto FinTech standard powering the crowdfunding industry.
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Crowdfund Insider

Indiegogo Shuts Down Campaign For Alternative Gun "SALT"
In the meantime, we would love to keep you up to date on SALT news and ... Kennedy is currently looking for an alternative crowdfunding platform.
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The Straits Times

Fund at your own risk
In crowd-funding campaigns, project creators sometimes offer products and ... This issue came into the spotlight after news broke recently of local ...
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SeeNews Renewables

France's Total, Babyloan to set up crowdfunding platform for energy
The news, which came last week during the opening of the Fourth ... Babyloan and Total will debut the access to energy crowdfunding platform in early ...
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Eugene firm first to meet their goal under new crowdfunding rules
Stuart Phillips and his Red Wagon Creamery has become the first Oregon company to meet its fundraising goal utilizing a new small business ...
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Crowdfunding bid to restore sketch of Battle of Jutland boy hero Jack Cornwell
crowdfunding campaign is being launched to pay for renovations to a large charcoal sketch of a First World War boy hero who remained at his post ...
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Group of Byron students crowdfunding for Cambodian housing
DETERMINED to change the lives of Cambodians, a group of 14 Byron Bay High School students have launched a crowdfunding campaign to build ...
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Property crowd funding platform recovers from Dragon's Den disaster
The property crowdfunding platform The House Crowd - which was the subject of derision by the entrepreneurs on TV's Dragon's Den - says it has ...
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    1. Thanks for sharing,

      This part was particularly interesting because I believe it strikes to the heart of your message:

      "... But what about the website Joe Daniels dissected as a 100% scam operation that blatantly lies to the public to pocket the money of unsuspecting crowdfunders?

      Or the website I discovered – Crowdfundings.net – do I keep one hand tied behind my back and politely nod when a potential customer asks me how Crowdfund Buzz compares to them and then bite my tongue?

      Hell no.

      Outside of law and science most rules can and should be broken when warranted. Even the golden rules. ..."

      The driving point is honest is the best policy, truth should trump all, and righteousness should never be overruled by foolishness.

      So let me ask you this, what would you say or do in the instance of an honest organization being wrongly accused of being dishonest. What would you say of an individual who is purposefully and intentionally spreading lies in order to disrupt a business, would you shrug your shoulders on that or would you let that go by?