Wednesday, September 30, 2015

"We Accept Your Cryptocurrency Here" "Where Is Your Cryptocurrency Accepted?" "List Your Cryptocurrency Here"

There are a number of steps a cryptocurrency will takes to legitimize their newly created currency, but NONE are more important than utility -- acceptance of your currency.

The golden rules of cryptocurrency development is the more places that your currency is accepted the stronger your currency will be.

It would be great to see a sign that said "We Accept Your Cryptocurrency Here" wouldn't it?  Well has come as close as anyone to doing exactly that, they are welcoming all publicly traded currencies to be listed as accepted at the site.

If you want your currency accepted at and it is already listed at any exchange it will be approved for acceptance at

When your CC is listed they ask that you reflect that fact in your forum thread OP and or your website at the area for 'where the currency is accepted'.

List of CCs currently accepted at

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