Wednesday, September 30, 2015

5 Reasons Your Cryptocurrency Should Be A Sponsor

5 reasons your cryptocurrency should be a sponsor
1) host CC sponsor
2) advertising perk sponsor
3) donation perk sponsor
4) campaign text sponsor
5) video sponsor brings cryptocurrency (CC) technology to the real world with meaningful purpose; every CC should be a PICISI endorser, advertiser, or sponsor. When an entity or CC community leader publicly endorses the PICISI vision we include them as a PICISI endorser

PICISI endorsers not expected to make a payment of any kind.

PICISI advertisers are supporters who buy site advertising opportunities: Advertisers pay for specific advertisements placed, they are not expected to engage with the site via social networking or offline activities.

The highest level of support any entity can give is through sponsorship. PICISI sponsors are expected to support the site by buying advertising opportunities, favorably engaging via social media in the form of comments, likes, shares, favorites, etc and/or participating in offline events.

The semi-annual sponsorship fee is $100 for 6 months - benefits include, but are not limited to, occasional mention in articles, interviews, and promotional material like this one; logo on sponsor graphic card; 1 article specifically about sponsor; and depending on cumulative sponsorship value compared to other sponsors on a monthly basis sponsor logo placement on home page or category page.

Here are some practical examples of how a CC community may benefit from advertising in these ways:

1) Host CC - the host CC sponsors is the CC that all other CC donations for that campaign will be converted to. There are essentially 3 ways a host CC is determined: a) direct selection by campaign organizer, b) by auction, or c) the first to offer equiv of $1. 'C' is expected to be the most popular host CC selection method.

Acme Beauty products creates a campaign to expand their line, they have friends at Magi coin so they opt to select Magi for their host CC sponsor. Each time someone donates CC of any kind it is immediately converted to Magi and reflected in the new Magi balance for that campaign. This enables any CC to be donated to the campaign. Once selected, the host CC is in place for the duration of the campaign. During the campaign CC is never converted to fiat, and fiat is never converted to CC.

2) Ad Perk - an advertising perk is a gift package provided by a PICISI sponsor or advertiser, that is offered to donors of the campaign via perk selection, unused portions of the perk are returned to the sponsor or advertiser after campaign conclusion.

Acme Roofing company creates a campaign to expand their business, GSM coin wants to offer 80,000 GSM as an advertising perk. may create a perk to allows a donor to receive 10K GSM for a $7 donation to the campaign. Any portion of the original 80K GSM package remaining is returned to the sponsors / advertiser.

3) Donation Perk - donation perk and advertising perk are identical until the end of the campaign, for ad perks the remaining portion not going to campaign donors is sent back to the sponsor / advertiser, however for donation perks the remaining portion not going to campaign donors is converted to the host CC then donated to the campaign organizer.

4) Campaign Text - a specific area of the campaign description is set aside for advertising / sponsorship, that area will be available for up to 5 sponsor / advertiser logos.

5) Video - the first 5 seconds of the campaign video are set aside for the sponsor / advertiser message. The format is

a) narrator statement: "this video is brought to you by: Armis
b) [show sponsor (Armis) logo],
c) narrator says sponsor mantra: "Where Wisdom Always Wins"
then campaign video starts.

The cost of participation is EXTREMELY low to enable sponsors / advertisers to participate in mass.

Our Pledge To Our Supporters
1)  100% Satisfaction - we promise that you will get more than you pay for or your money back on request.
2)  Promotion - our directive for promotion is to promote the site, our sponsors, and the campaigns located at our site.
3)  Buy & Use Pi - your Pi purchase is guaranteed too, if the rate ever goes down you can sell it back to us at your original purchase rate (first in, first out).

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