Friday, September 25, 2015

Can The PICISI Currency Go From $1 To $700?

The PICISI issued currency (aka Pi) was introduced to the public at a meager equivalence of $1 p/Pi  at the end of August, since then it has been listed at approx $5 p/Pi.  

Yesterday someone listed Pi at a whopping equiv of $700 p/Pi.  At first this may seem silly however according to the PICISI rebuy plan: 'fiat funds earned by PICISI will be used to buy Pi at prevailing rates'.   That means once the lower cost Pi is purchased the higher priced Pi is next in line. 

Here are the current listings:

The first live PICISI crowdfunding campaign kicks off on Monday so it will be a while before PICISI earns fiat, but this will be interesting to see how this turns out once fiat funds start rolling in. 

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