Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Today In Crowdfunding News:Psychonauts 2 crowdfunding cash help up , Subiaco's irishi club launches crowdfunding appeal,Crowdfunding campaign to uncover dam data, Priest Lake store turns to crowdfunding to stay afloat, and more all brought to you by

Psychonauts 2 crowdfunding cash held up by approval checks
The long-awaited sequel was backed through equity share crowdfunding platform Fig, which splits money between traditional rewards and investment ...
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WA today
Subiaco's Irish Club of WA battling to stay afloat, launchescrowdfunding appeal
Subiaco's Irish Club, a favourite watering hole for footy fans and entertainment venue for decades, needs $20,000 to stay open and faces the prospect ...
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Radio New Zealand
Crowdfunding campaign to uncover dam data
A Central Hawke's Bay ratepayer has started a Pledge Me campaign to pay for an official information request he hopes will shed light on a secret ...
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KXLY Spokane
Priest Lake store turns to crowdfunding to stay afloat
The owners of a staple in Priest Lake claim they may have to shut their doors following a rough summer of business, and are turning to the community ...
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Vegan Cork-Leather Jackets Break Crowdfunding Records
But the success of the crowdfunding campaign still came as a bit of a surprise. It looks like the people were just waiting for a sustainable and vegan ...
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WABE 90.1 FM
Atlanta BeltLine Turns To Crowdfunding To 'Light The Line'
The Atlanta BeltLine Partnership has launched its first crowdfunding capital campaign to raise nearly $1 million to install 130 light fixtures along ...
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Bobsguide (press release)
CP16/4 Loan-based crowdfunding platforms and client money segregation
On 21 January 2016 the FCA issued consultation paper 16/4 (CP 16/4), proposing changes to client money requirements for firms that operate crowd ...
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Ant Simulator consultants on ETeeski's video: "that is 100 percent bull****"
Tyler Monce and Devon Staley, the two men accused by Eric Tereshinski of spending Ant Simulator's crowdfunding money on 'liquor and strippers', ...
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Crowdfunding for business capital
Crowdfunding is making it easier for friends, family - and complete strangers - to donate money to a business, group or project they think is worthwhile, ...
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The Outhouse
Crowdfunding: Help This Teacher Provide Graphic Novels For Her Inner City Students
Written by Jude Terror and Frank Miller on Tuesday, February 02 2016 and posted inNews with Benefits. Tags: Comics. Crowdfunding: Help This ...
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