Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Today In Crowdfunding News: Women are winners when it comes to Crowdfunding , Crowdfunding battle to stop unspoilt New Zealand beach to become private, Crowdfunding bid to restore JMW Turner's Twickenham house, What is the Crowdfunding money used for?, and more all brought to you by

UC Berkeley
Study indicates women are winners when it comes tocrowdfunding
Research conducted in part by a Berkeley-Haas School of Business professor shows that women in the business world may struggle to keep up with ...
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The Guardian
Crowdfunding battle to stop unspoilt New Zealand beach falling into private hands
If successful, campaigners plan to hand the beach in Abel Tasman national park to the Department of Conservation. Photograph: Unknown.
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BBC News
Crowdfunding bid to restore JMW Turner's Twickenham house
A campaign to restore a house designed and owned by the artist JMW Turner has turned to the public in a bid to source the remainder of money ...
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Washington Post
Restaurateurs want your crowdfunding money, but what are they using it for?
In these heady days of crowdfunding, the question often isn't who is asking for money, but who isn't? Restaurants are no exception. Browse sites such ...
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The News Journal
Students turn to crowdfunding to buy fire truck
When students at the Delaware Academy of Public Safety and Security wanted a fire engine for the New Castle-area charter high school they turned to ...
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Crowd Funding Campaign Aims to Save Ohia Trees
The Hawaiian 'o¯hi'a forest is under attack. A new and devastating disease called Rapid 'O¯hi'a Death (ROD) has already decimated over 15,000 ...
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People's Theatre in Newcastle appeal for crowdfunding support for redevelopment
The clock is ticking on a campaign to raise £20,000 for a new and massively improved People's Theatre in Heaton, Newcastle . And there are some ...
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Shelby Star
Crowdfunding's Latest Effort: Preventing Youth Sports Injuries
(NewsUSA) - Want to really do something to keep kids from being hurt playing sports? Athletic TIPS (Towards Injury Prevention in Sports) has te.
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Do the homework before starting crowdfunding campaign
One of the positive endeavors my friend enjoys these days is online crowdfunding. Using platforms like GoFundMe, Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Crowdwise ...
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Crowdfunding a Pollution Monitoring System for India
Crowdfunding a Pollution Monitoring System for India ... According to the company, the money raised from the crowdfunding project will be .... with the latest tech news, product reviews, and exclusive deals on the popular mobiles.
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