Saturday, November 14, 2015

Coin Payments Now Supports CureCoin as a Payment Option

We Now Support CureCoin as a Payment Option

What if every transaction you made benefited humanity?
The CureCoin project financially incentivizes distributed computational scientific research, and in doing so, creates a cryptocurrency which derives value from the network’s contribution to advance modern medicine. The upcoming CureCoin 2.0 will feature a more advanced PoW mechanism and will utilize a transaction signature algorithm resistant to quantum computers. Participating in the CureCoin network is extremely easy - any of the more than two billion people with an internet connection and a modern computer can contribute to computational research efforts and earn CureCoin while doing so. For those already participating in Folding@Home (and other projects, soon!), CureCoin can help offset the costs of contributing and encourage additional donations of computing power.

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"Alternative Coins actually outnumber Bitcoin 642:1 with more being created at this very moment. Coinpayments is poised to ride the Altcoin wave that I predict is the future and is, in fact, already happening given the sudden rise of crypto currencies such as Ethereum, Ripple & Maidsafe who have evolved coins to be an integral part of the new generation of decentralized services that have the potential to reinvent the internet." 
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Help spread the word to anyone you know who believes in the future of Altcoins and wants to see a world where anyone can pay with anything they have and the receiver can get what they need. We are an open and democratic platform, help Coinpayments grow this idea and support our campaign on
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