Thursday, June 16, 2016

Today In Crowdfunding News: The Big News Crowdfunding vehicle for startups is a bit of a flop so far, AngelScholars debuts crowdfunding scholarships system, Crowdfunding on Givealittle: What cause is more derserving?, Orlando Pulse shooting victim Crowdfunding campaign at $4.1 Million and rising, and more all brought to you by

The Big New Crowdfunding Vehicle for Startups Is a Bit of a Flop So Far.
This latest rule, called Reg CF or Title III, allows private companies to crowdfund from non-accredited investors up to $1 million, in exchange for equity.
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AngelScholars Debuts Crowdfunding Scholarship System
AngelScholars Debuts Crowdfunding Scholarship System ... make less than $25,000 and live in Atlanta," stated a news release from the company. ... Further information about the crowdfunding scholarship platform can be found on ...
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Crowdfunding on Givealittle: What cause is more deserving?
A popular crowdfunding website says it doesn't make judgments about the value of causes - even if some on the surface appear more deserving than ...
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Samaritan Mag
Orlando Pulse Shooting Victim Crowdfunding Campaign at $4.1 Million and Rising
Pulse nightclub logo — photo credit: Pulse Facebook pageA GoFundMecrowdfunding campaign to support the Orlando Pulse shooting victims and ...
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The growing role of crowdfunding after a tragedy
Since the shooting in Orlando, Florida, hundreds of thousands of people have felt the urge to help by turning to the internet. A campaign by Equality ...
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Eat Out Magazine
Meatcure launches £350000 crowdfunding campaign
“Our aim is to create a backdrop for our impossibly good burgers, craft beers and killer cocktails. The good news with the crowdfunding campaign is ...
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Hollywood Reporter
Crowdfunding Campaign for Orlando Shooting Victims Reaches $4.4 Million
crowdfunding campaign set up for the victims of the worst mass shooting in U.S. history has reach more than $4.4 million. More than 94,000 people ...
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Cavaliers fan launches campaign to pay for Kevin Love to sit out Game 6
The GoFundMe campaign goal of $10 million was launched by an individual named "Giles Debenham", and the description of the crowdfunding ...
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With crowdfunded investors, Hops & Grain to open San Marcos brewery
The Hops & Grain crowdfunding campaign went live late on June 8, and by ... ARIANNA AUBER Arianna Auber writes in-depth news about beer, ...
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